important tips



Eat prior to coming in for your treatment



Acupuncture works best when the body is properly hydrated



Wearing clothing that allows for access to arms, legs and the trouble areas when necessary

Your First Acupuncture Treatment

Preparation and Expectations


On your first visit, we assess your individual state of health—including body, mind, and spirit--through a comprehensive intake and physical exam.  Chinese physical exam incorporates tongue and pulse diagnosis as well as palpation of acupuncture points.  We combine a traditional Chinese exam with a complete health history, to develop a holistic impression that will guide your treatment.  Your unique treatment will bring your body back into balance, alleviate your current complaint, and address the root cause for your symptoms.

Tips for our new patients:  IMPORTANT: Make sure you've eaten something at least one hour before your first treatment.  Drink plenty of water prior to and after all treatments.  Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your treatment. We will need easy access to your arms, above the elbows and legs, above the knees. You can bring suitable clothing to change in to if needed. Bring any medical records that are relevant to your main complaint, as well as a list of medications and supplements you are currently taking.  If you receive gua sha or cupping therapies, you should keep the area covered and away from all drafts after your treatment.

Click here to download Point of Health Acupuncture's aftercare recommendations