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Cupping Description and Uses

Cupping, which dates to the early fourth century, is one of the oldest methods of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In a typical cupping session, smooth glass cups are warmed using a cotton ball dipped in alcohol, which is burned and then run through the inside of the cup.  This action removes all the oxygen from the cup, creating a vacuum.  The cup is then quickly turned upside down on the specific area to be treated.  The vacuum gently lifts the skin upward toward the cup.  Cups can be left in place to remove deep stagnation or moved gently over the skin. Cupping releases toxins, increases the blood flow, realigns qi, and resolves obstruction, muscle soreness, and pain.

Cupping is an excellent treatment for a wide variety of pain, lymphatic, and respiratory conditions. Cupping can even reduce the appearance of cellulite.